Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Whenever I open
The back-door and walk out
On the long memory lane,
I always see
A lush green Village
Full of mango trees and palm
On the bank of a rainy-river,
Damned forever
By a mighty dam.

Now not flowing so fast,
Lying motionless
Between her banks
Like a grand-old-mother,
Looking at her grand children
Playing fearlessly all around.

On the silky sand
Spread like the dust of gold
Lies our childhood
Making and breaking structures,
Throwing a ball of sand
At each-other,
Or one another,
And laughing to see
Sand mingling with sand.

In the morning.
Under the rising sun
A small boy standing
And watching
A velvety paddy fields
Carpetted dark green
Full of water and fish,
Swaying with the blowing wind

I see
A young child
Dipping hands in the water
To catch a fleeing fish,
Or running after the jumping frogs.
And catching the firefly
To make lights of my own
After the sun goes down.

I am far-far away from her,
But in my long memory-chain
Even with her thinning stream
She never ceased to flow,
Nor did she left caressing
My incessantly drifting dreams.

I Still love her presence
As she keeps my past
In her breast......


  1. There is no present without past. Past is in fact the foundation of the present, both at emotional and worldly level.. this very aspect has been lucidly illustrated in your present poetry... a worth poem indeed to read...

  2. Dear Rajiv Sir
    You have made my day today by sending me this beautiful poetry. Each word of the poetry is crafted well and carefully like one possesses the marvel of the past. In short I will say it is not a poetry but a heritage.. a culture... to cherish for ever.. to be proud of... at this very point I remember the poem of Denise Levertov, the american poetess .. titled The time Past.. read some of the lines...

    those wooden steps
    are gone now, decayed
    replaced with granite,
    hard, gray, and handsome.
    The old steps live
    only in me:
    my feet and thighs
    remember them, and my hands
    still feel their splinters."...

    sir again requesting you to write only in English. Your poetic destination is something else...


  3. Beautiful poem. It carried me too to the memory lanes of my childhood. Congrats.

  4. A heart touching poem. Show flash back of childhood which is a valueable thing of our life.

  5. r. Girish Kumar Verma to me
    राजीव कुमार जी ! आप की कविता पढी | अति सुन्दर भाव
    हैं | इस अभियान को जारी रखिए |
    सद्भावी-डॉ. डंडा लखनवी

  6. awesome... so beautiful and touching...

  7. I appreciate for your beautiful poem. Each and every lines are touching. Marvellous.

  8. amazing...
    flashback of childhood...!!

    "ek tha bachpan..ek th bachpan"