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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

बेटियां नहीं अब बोझ.....

धीरे-धीरे ही सही
बदल रही है सोच,
सोच की दिशा
हो रही है उत्तरायण,
बहने लगी है
परिवर्तन की बयार .

होती रही होगी
बिटिया कभी बोझ,
झुकाती रही होगी माथा
अपने माँ-बाप का
उसे मिला होगा
झूठी प्रतिष्टा का पैरोकार
सहमा हुआ समाज,
जो नहीं लांघने देता था देहरी
पीहर हो या ससुराल.

अब लोग
बेटियों को
नहीं मानते बोझ,
पूर्व-जन्म का पाप.
नहीं कहते हैं
उसे पराया धन .

अब तो
मां-बाप मांगने लगे है
ईश्वर से वरदान ,
झोली में देना
बिटिया ही दान.

पूछने लगे हैं
खुद से ही सवाल:
ऐसा क्या किया है बेटे ने
जो बिटिया ने नहीं किया,
फिर भी,
क्यों नहीं मिल रही.
उसे पहचान ?

वह भी
कमा रही है नाम,
बढ़ रही है आगे
कंधे-से-कंधे मिलाकर,
बढ़ा रही है
जन्म-भूमि का मान.

अब नहीं चाहिए
उसे वैशाखी
समाज की ,
बस चाहिए
एक कंधा
स्नेह- भरा
मां का हो या बाप का


Much water has flown
Under the belly of the bridge
Things have changed a lot,
Thoughts are going North
Emotions and wishes,skyward.

She might have been thought
To be a burden once
Whose weight might have lowered
The shoulders of her parents,
Forcing them to curse
The day she was born.

It was feeble social fabric,
With fake honor oriented mind,
Full of self-grown thoughts
Meaninglessly so mean,
Responsible for this fall
That followed her for long
And never allowed
To step out of the door.

Daughters are not so heavy now,
Nor the living curse of past
As our society made us feel,
Nor a thing to pass on,
But all bliss in disguise,
If you think,
A rare gift to mankind.

Desires are very high
To have daughters in arms,
And around
That'll keep us fresh,
Keep us warm.

Like a worthy son,
Daughters are using
The same ladder
Scaling the same wall
In every walk,
She is mapping every inch
Of Earth and Sky.

She is all name and fame,
Making parents proud,
Like the followers of greats
Success and prosperity,
Both have fallen in line
Nature feels elated,
A nation feels proud
Neighbors feel high.
To have herself in race,
To match steps of men
She is marching ahead
With faster pace,
And now
The sun has chosen
A new sky to rise
And dispel altogether
The darkness of common mind.

All she needs today
Is not the crutches of society,
But a soft,sincere shoulder
To rest her head and heart
And move on with all comfort.


  1. Really daughters are no more a curse and ur beautiful poetry is sensitizing us towards the issue..

  2. Really, but unfortunately
    we have cultivated paradoxes and
    living with them.
    Rajiv ji! very-very good effort to sensitize our society......

  3. सुन्‍दर शब्‍दों का संगम है ....बेहतरीन ।

  4. गुड्डोदादी(शेइला) (:) to me
    सुंदर भाव

  5. betiyon ke liye suder bhav......

    aise hi kuchh wichar maine bhi ek purani post me abhivyakt kiye the.....awgat hona chahen to ye link hai......(chalan kavita)


  6. veena srivastava
    to me

    बहुत अच्छी लिखी है ये कविता....