Saturday, December 25, 2010


Why don't you go
Beyond the body of a woman,
Go beyond
The set pattern of your mind,
That you proudly say tradition
Seasoned with dying customs,
The mere surface of values
Where all relations
Circles round a basic animal instinct:
Birth,copulation and death
In full disobedience of Freedom.

Why do you have hawkish eyes
With piercing gaze
Ever ready to tear away
The body from the soul ?
Why do you always move
With a thorny cactus in your eyes,
Trampling the soft petals of rose.

Why don't you remember the days
When this body with its "inner self"
Kept fast,spent many sleep-less nights
For your well being and good shape
As mother,sister, wife and all
Thar a woman is!

Why don't you take her
As mother Earth or nature around,
In different forms and attire.
Why don't you push open
The delicate door and enter
The house where you lay
In Kaushlya's lap,
In the courtyard of Yashoda
Like Ram and Shyam.

In her body stays Sita of Ram,
Savitri of Satyawan,
The body is not just stony Ahilya
Torn by one,
Tormented by the other
Dwindling between the values.
Here lies a broken heart,
A baffled mind
Ignored at both end,
And left thoroughly shocked.

It's not cracked even today
Why you become Yudhisthira
Playing CHAUPAD and putting Draupadi
On every second move of defeat,
Why so many times
Only Sita was tested by earth and fire.

Why someone turns Paramhans,
Minds of different make,
One full of wild desires,
The other
with great common sense
And vivid uncommon sensibility
Towards body and mind.

Portraits of ladies
By Raja Ravi verma
Catches eyes,
By Hussain
Arouse feelings
Of different kind,
Draws lots of confectionery comments.
No one tries
To peep into the portrait
Where lies a beating heart
And a quivering mind.

It is for sure
You can't hold the earth
In your hands,
But by a simple affectionate hug
You may bring both
Heaven and earth together.

It's not a road to tread,
But a book of life to read.
Use body as a boat to float
On the bed of oceans
Full of love and emotions,
Riding on the waves
You'll reach
The shore of humanity.

So come!
Live with her body
With all sincerity,
You'll find in it
A better human half
And the universe in her mind,
The sun rise expectation in her eyes.

Read her mind and you'll read yours.
Standing close to her
You will share her concern,
Feel the ripples of the waves
Of her soul,not of desire.

Her body is like the sun.
Many celestial relations
Revolve where around
Though in different orbits.
She keeps them always abreast.
As her "self " is a PROTON
That ever holds.


  1. Dear Rajiv ji, i donot know much of english poem or have appreciation skill or calibre but as far as i feel... its more of preaching, less of poem... your focus also remained the woman..

  2. proud to read your this poem... and proud to be in your touch... about your thinking, your writing... hats off...

  3. Of ocurse woman has many facets. And man is clever enough to see the things from one angle. Good post.

  4. There are questions in this poem that each one would answer in a different way based on the perception.
    I think most people do not explore the possibility of reading their own mind to a level where mind joins the thought and the net result is a behaviour that isi questionable.

  5. main bhi sayad arun sir ki tarah hi sochta hoon....:)

  6. dear rajiv sir
    sorry that I am not so quick to react to your poems. I have just read your poem 'The Other Dimension' and I would say, you have given a new dimension to the thought process about thinking of women. You have touched the pinnacle of imagination while keeping your foundation firm on the fact of human mind. You have used mythological images to portray the women with all your conscience and consciousness. You have touched my soul and mind... I remember a poem "Like Men and Women Shadows walk" by Emily Dickinson.. with different sensibility but similar thought process...
    " Like Men and Women Shadows walk
    Upon the Hills Today --
    With here and there a mighty Bow
    Or trailing Courtesy
    To Neighbors doubtless of their own
    Not quickened to perceive
    Minuter landscape as Ourselves
    And Boroughs where we live -- "


    kumar palash

  7. आपकी मेल पढने के बाद इस ब्लॉग पर आया.

    आकार लगा कि कोई....गलती नहीं की.

    आते रहूँगा.

  8. Respected Rashmi didi,Jagdish Bali sir,Tilak Raj Kapoor sahab,Harshvardhan sir,dear Arun,Mukesh and Palash, and Pooja jee,I am really-really thankful that I have got your blessings and love in the form of your comments. I'll ever feel and remain indebted as it encourages me beyond my expectation.