Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Proud we are
In our discovery of soul
That's of self
And not of what is before.

In the West : A guiding force,
In the East going within
Though unseen,
Yet visible
Like human stages
Right from the child-hood.

The variety of truth and time,
The world under a guise
And attempts of men
To open the universe
Like the unbuttoning of shirt
Is the happiest quest
That satisfy
The exploring lust of mind.

Brings progress,pleasure
But not always peace.
There is darkness
And dense smoke
Spread all around
Even during the day

Our discovery breaks
Other's discovery,
Inventions,enrich inventions
Then what remains to reach.

Friday, June 10, 2011



There is no place.....
For seeding plants,
No space for trees,
No room for little grass,
No passage for breeze.

Bunyan tells
To its little Bonsai,
Kept on the balcony
Of the second floor
"Pleasure comes
From within 
When you effortlessly try".

By cutting their twigs,
And tying with wires
Its delicate trunks
They check its desire
For a hand full of sky.
Where it will see
Birds flying
And reflect
What progress is,
How and why?

No shades of affection
Only shining walls
With color so green ,
Chairs around a table.
And the furious sun out side.
Stars studded on the ceilings
Behind the moving fans,
Barely saves some sheen.

The work and ways,
Show every heart behind a cage
Laughter or smile
Becoming just an exercise
That keeps body fit,
Muscles strong
With fresh air going inside.

Life is slave of time,
Time is slave of time,
It keep strict watch on
Men laughing without laugh,
Walking without a distance
Yet trying to look so wise
With instant material rise.

Was it a case in the past
When people had time
To laugh and let laugh
Living on the grains
Of happiness
With a nice cool head
And a thinking heart?

Happy were those days
When plants turned into trees,
River flowed with ease,
Birds soared in the sky
And came back
With the dying sun
To their cozy nests.
As nothing was at cease.

Since men are growing nuclear
In their day to day life,
Radiation of desire
Has spread all around.
With the fast fleeting moments
Relations have turned bonsai,
Time and tense has turned bonsai,
Thoughts have turned bonsai.
Nothing moves skywards,
Emotions don't grow fast.

Everything curtailed-
Be it food,salt or fat,
Freshness of mind
Happiness of heart-
All's going south
Yet illness is all time high.

Let the bonsai break
Its wire and grow, 
Grow into a tree so high.
Sit in the balcony with a cup of tea
And watch them calling you
To join the curly shade
Join the intimate soil.

Rajiv 7:04 AM