Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WHEN I MISS YOU(Written in 1985)

My love,
Whenever I miss you
I miss the whole thread
Between you and I
That links us together.

I sit here and fight
All sorts of War
Suffer all kinds of pangs
And get my "self" divided
Into fragments in your absence,
Fragments of time,tense and passion.

I hang as ever
Between memories and desires
As they keep coming disturbingly,
I am still sitting with her
Teaching her chemistry of passion.
Sitting with her I am learning
How winds interact with leaves,
Flowers with butterflies.

I see you turning into mother,
But fail to watch myself turning into father.
I am just a grand old father
With my sons up in arms
'gainst me and away
Deserting me like a dust in the been,
But grand old sons clinging to me
Even today.

The waves continue to come
One after another,
I stand still between mother and son
All silent but with mixed feeling
Of what I lost and what I gained.


  1. कुमार पलाश said...
    Dear Rajiv sir
    You have written this poem in 1985 and published it in 2010.. this journey of 25 years .. silent love, the pangs of love, the feel, the emotion, the passion.. all is intact.. truly it is said, the spirit of love never dies.. never fades. rather it gains strengths with the silence.. you poem speaks volume.. more than the words that you have magnificently put togehter... while reading this love poem.. i recall a lot of classical love poems.. and one which engulfed my mind and soul is :

    "Escape me?
    While I am I, and you are you,
    So long as the world contains us both,
    Me the loving and you the loth,
    While the one eludes, must the other pursue.
    My life is a fault at last, I fear—
    It seems too much like a fate, indeed!
    Though I do my best I shall scarce succeed—
    But what if I fail of my purpose here? ...."

    Rajiv sir it is the poem or Robert Browning's famous poem "Life in a love" .. you might have read that... if not do read that... I am just a reader sir so what else can I say.. but yet another magnificent poem... I stared missing your this poem, sir !

  2. aashcharya......kuch aise hi thoughts se main idhar guzar rahi hun , to yah to apne shabd lage

  3. गहरे भावों का संगम है हर शब्‍द में ....।

  4. veena srivastava to me
    "The waves continue to come
    One after another,
    I stand still between mother and son
    All silent but with mixed feeling
    Of what I lost and what I gained."

    bahut sunder.

  5. wow... very beautiful...
    thank you so much for sharing...

  6. Ranjana to me
    बहुत बहुत सुन्दर...
    कोमल भावों की भावुक अभिव्यक्ति,मन तक पहुँचने में समर्थ हैं...

  7. एक बेहतरीन रचना ।
    काबिले तारीफ़ शव्द संयोजन ।
    बेहतरीन अनूठी कल्पना भावाव्यक्ति ।
    सुन्दर भावाव्यक्ति । साधुवाद ।

  8. आप अपने ब्लाग की सेटिंग मे(कमेंट ) शब्द पुष्टिकरण ।
    word veryfication पर नो no पर
    टिक लगाकर सेटिंग को सेव कर दें । टिप्प्णी
    देने में झन्झट होता है । अगर न समझ पायें
    पर मेल कर देना ।

  9. कोमल भावनाओं के सुन्दर अहसास का शब्द चित्र !
    -ज्ञानचंद मर्मज्ञ