Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Like previous years,
This year too
The effigies of Ravana
Along with Kumbhkarna and Meghnatha
Will be consigned to flames
With loud and deafening crackers
And thousand thunderous claps,
Cheered by all:
Be it old, young or small.

But once again
Attempts would surely fail
To burn them all
As the trio has melted
Into the body of Ramas
And has got slowly multiplied
Keeping their Soul intact, undetected,
Making it difficult for burning Fire
To penetrate the core.

Laxman keeps drawing a line
To save Sitas
But all without fire.
Now none fears
That dreaded idiomatic line.

Year after year
The trio is gaining heights
And growing in numbers,
Flames are also rising high,
Dark smoke leaping
To touch the sky.

Today every Rama is doubtful
As Ravana within is holding forte,
“V” that once stood for villain,
Now stands victor.

Next year again
We will get ready
To burn them all
Like a bonfire
And dance around that pyre
Knowing it well
It didn’t work and won't work
Till the naval is hit once again
With the arrow of corrective fire.

Time is ripe to know
What is Rama and what Ravana is?
This myth has to be broken now
As happening makes it everyday
A biggar speaking tree.


  1. Ranjana to me

    "गंभीर विचारणीय....
    बहुत ही सुन्दर रचना....
    पढवाने के लिए आभार."


  2. In nature conflict remains. So exists rama and ravana. beautiful description , wonderful poetry.

  3. veena srivastava to me

    What is Rama and what Ravana is?
    This myth has to be broken now
    As happening makes it everuday
    A biggar speaking tree.
    ठीक कहा है...

  4. Ravindra to me

    Thanks Rajivji, for sharing such a nice poem of you.

    Ravindra Koshti

  5. Those who fail to understand the undercurrent of this poetry must read it again and again... the conflict between good and evil.. god and Satan.... is as eternal as the nature... as the very existence of mankind... here there is no rama or ravana.. they are the element of conflict... we must read this poem in this very context... a nice poetry at core may look superficial and ordinary at surface...

  6. you have very nicely depicted the Rama, Ravana, Lakshmana of today's world.
    The mutated environment in which we are living now has imbibed so deep with in us, that its almost impossible to take it out.
    This is what we call KALYUG !!